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Follow along to learn about healthy lifestyle tips and tricks, alongside delicious veggie-filled recipes, and educational greenhouse-grow facts. We’re here to inspire and help you get the most out of your Red Sun Farms purchase.

Seed to Plate

Seed to Plate

 At Red Sun Farms, we pride ourselves on owning every step of the growing and distribution process. Our seeds are selected by in-house experts to ensure we deliver the very best flavour and quality for your enjoyment.   Our greenhouses are strategically located for the best possible sunlight & ideal temperatures to compliment the controlled greenhouse environment.  Did you know that there are unique seeds bred for Greenhouse growing conditions versus field tomatoes?  Our greenhouse seeds will not perform the same in a field, nor would field seeds perform the same in our greenhouses.  

Once the seeds have been selected, they are taken to our propagation farm. At this stage the seed is nurtured until it becomes a seedling and then its ready to be transferred to the greenhouse.  Upon arrival, the seedlings are planted in a growing medium at the designated greenhouse.  Here they start to thrive under the ideal light, temperature and nutrients. 

  • Light is primarily dependant on the sunlight provided by mother nature. However recent technological advances have resulted in lighting innovations that can simulate the sunlight.  This increases productivity during cloudy periods and can also increase the growing season in some of our northern farms.  For example, did you know that sweet bell peppers can now be grown year-round in our Canadian greenhouse?
  • Temperature is controlled through air & water circulation in the greenhouse. Over the years, greenhouses have increased their height to allow the warm air to escape through the roof vents above the plants.  Our team of growers are also utilizing some new misting technology which measures the temperature in the greenhouse and mists the plants to keep them cool and comfortable.
  • Hydration & Nutrients are critical to the plant’s survival. Some of our water is collected from rain and processed through a purification system, where essential nutrients are added.  This water then travels to the plant through a tub system into the growing medium.  Any unused water is recycled and reintroduced to the plant.  Our greenhouses also use recycled water as a source of heat in cooler weather; the water travels through pipes below the plants, releasing heat in the greenhouse.

Our crop care specialists take special care to harvest at the perfect moment. Once the produce is picked, it goes to our packing area and makes its way to your favorite retailer.

The whole RSF team is committed to supporting our consumers and we’re looking forward to exceeding your needs with amazing flavor, quality and year-round supply.


This is our Seed to Plate approach. It closes the gap between grower, retailer and consumer allowing us to develop an exceptional product and an exemplary level of customer service from all our farms and locations.


If you would like to learn more about life in the greenhouse, please check out the Red Sun Farms video for a peek inside the greenhouse Red Sun Farms Video


Fun Facts about Greenhouse Produce:

  • Our tomato plants grow around 27cm per week for approximately 42 weeks to get to 12 m or 40 feet
  • Our pepper plants grow around 7.5 c for 45 weeks to get to 3.5 m or 12 feet
  • Cucumber plants grow on a wire system & only take 3 weeks from seedling to be in a full harvest production.
  • Conventional tomatoes and peppers will pick from March through November 
  • Light crops can pick from mid October till august
  • We utilize beneficial insects and bait plants to assist with unwanted pests in the greenhouse.
  • Our Virginia Farm hot water tank has a 158,503-gallon capacity. The average American uses 20 gallons of water per shower – which means we could supply enough hot water for 7,925 showers.
  • Our high-tech greenhouses also naturally pollinate with the use of bumblebees.  Using bumble bees increases crop yield, improve quality and reduce labor. Read more on natural pollination in the Greenhouse Grower.
  • A greenhouse can produce 13 times more produce. What a difference!

If you are looking for more inspiration on delicious ways to eat more of your favorite Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers, check out our recipes on Recipes | Red Sun Farms.  These recipes have been developed with our Chef to ensure you have a scrumptious resource – no matter the occasion; breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts or snacks!